Tattoos As A Form of Self Expression



A tattoo is a work of art that usually represents a trait of a person or a personality itself. They are a choice carefully made by a person to express whatever he or she is feeling at the moment or a symbol which represents himself or herself. It is usually planned though sometimes some people get a tattoo after a life-changing experience, they use it as a symbol or a reminder of that event. On other ocassions, some decide to get inked based on spur of the moment whims but they still justify those whims as a part of their characters. Whatever the reason behind the designs of tattoos, a common theme of beauty and aesthetic is always present. People never choose to get ugly tattoos intentionally.

What is self expression

Self expression is the assertion of one’s personality, feelings, and or behavior usually through the different forms of art or through speech. It is considered as vital to one’s survival although some theory posits it contrasts with some of the survival values. The values of self expression, influenced by modernization, has been associated with a cluster of values that includes tolerance of society, satisfaction of life, public expression and an aspiration to liberty. Notice that the practice of self expression also aims to produce beauty and aesthetic, just like the concept of tattooing.

Through the years, the emergence of the concept of self expression brought about cultural change. Modern times help shape a person’s judgment and choice. The expression of one’s self has an aim to reach the goal of individuality. Ironically, trying to achieve individuality has produced collectivism. Interestingly, the concept of aiming to represent or symbolize beauty still haven’t changed during the years.

Popularization of tattoos as self expression

Collectivism or the interdependence of an individual in a society brought about the popularity of having tattoos. In our time, the popularity of celebrities that have tattoos spawned the concept of tattoo as a self expression culture. More and more people are now inspired to get a design that would represent themselves. The connotation of tattoos as a symbol for flighty sailors  and prison inmates is slowly being replaced by tattoos as an art form and symbol of beauty and individualism. Now, the demographics of people getting a tattoo is becoming larger and younger. This maybe brought about by the younger generation of celebrities that are also tattoo-sporting.