Tattoo For Beginners




The potential for high earnings and the popularity & widespread acceptance of tattoos, has made many an ambitious person to aspire to become a tattoo artist. But a lot of people just buy a kit and practise on their friends, which is not at all right or advisable. It is important that the aspirants realize that there is a method to this wonderful art.

The Art of Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Learning to tattoo is a tedious process. To practice in this wonderful & beautiful world of art, it is imperative that you follow the right steps to become a great and popular tattoo artist. You can learn the basics through various tattooing guides, follow the tattooing videos, become familiar with the equipments, its suppliers, the ink etc.

Firstly you should have the raw talent, know to draw and colour and then you need to hone your raw skills to become a talented artist. Attend fine art classes, work with co-artists, learn the techniques and then practise as much as you possibly can!

Once you are good on paper, then build a portfolio or file with samples of your art and drawings. The next step would be to work with a senior experienced tattoo artist.  If you are lucky you may get a stipend, and thereby earn and learn too. You need to find a master from whom you can really learn and grow as an artist.

As an assistant or apprentice, you will also learn to safely clean your equipments, to operate a tattoo machine, scale the power supply, and protect your clients and yourself from diseases and above all – how to correctly apply a tattoo. This may take months of continuous and rigorous practise to learn and perfect.

In the meanwhile you improve your drawing skills and get tattooed yourself to see how other artists work and gauge the competition in your chosen field. Generally your master will decide when you are ready to branch out on your own.  If he is not forthcoming then if you feel you have gained enough confidence  and have no binding contract, then you can take off and venture out alone to be your own master.

Tattoo designs for practise on flexible material are available, which fit comfortably on any part of the body and can be used on both sides. You can also read up on the traditional designs followed by great and ancient tattoo artists. Traditional tattoo designs require you to follow a certain set of rules. The latest are neo traditional designs made by combining the traditional tattoo with modern tools and equipment.

Like all other professions you can never know it all. Hence updating your techniques and knowledge will enhance your staying power in this competitive world. Do not be complacent or be content with mediocrity.  Excellence is the name of the game in this field of art too.