What does Sparrow Tattoo Mean?



Summary: There are several sparrow tattoo designs available for you to choose from. The sparrows are more symbolic than just being a small bird. They symbolize various aspects such as freedom, the sea, and home.


The sparrow has been described as a sharp bird. It keeps on searching for food, building nests and feeding offspring. Hence, the sparrow tattoo conveys the point that it will not be beneficial to be indolent as you simply cannot live a life of bliss and contentment. By and large the sparrow tattoo is associated with the feelings of independence or liberty, love, loyalty and success. Certain religious people even say that the sparrow symbolizes the kindness of God for the smallest of small living beings. The sparrow designs grew popular amongst the sailors during the early days of navigation.


Interpretation of Sparrow Tattoos

Life at the high sea was extremely dangerous. Several sailors who went sailing would never return. These little birds would usually visit the sailors and their ships before these seamen could see land. Hence, people thought that sparrows brought good luck to sailors. Thus, the sparrow tattoo was worn as an amulet or lucky charm. It became one of the many reasons for an eventful return of seafarers to their families or loved ones. In addition, sailors also wear the sparrow tattoo to display a mark of respect towards this tiny bird. Sparrows are frequently illustrated along with stars. They have become a sign of following one’s fate.


Yet another reason for people to get sparrow tattoo is because it signifies freedom. When a person passes through a difficult phase in his life, he yearns for some way out. After he comes out of this tough phase, he is able to appreciate the value of freedom better. Hence, he gets a sparrow tattoo to keep reminding himself of how truly important freedom is. The sparrow tattoo is also associated with indifference to rules. It denotes will power, affirmation and optimism. This means that a person cannot be confined by law of society. The sparrow tattoos are usually designed with roses or hearts to give the personal touch.


The sparrow tattoo can also be modified like ordinary tattoos that are sported by youngsters these days. One of the simplest and common sparrow designs is a sparrow tattoo imprinted on a person’s arm. The tattoo can also look appealing on the legs or arms of ladies. One more famous sparrow motif is that associated with nautical star which symbolizes possession and love. This implies that people are continuously on the lookout for perpetuity and love. The sparrow tattoo also symbolizes romance. Hence, you can see couples in love sporting this tattoo all the time. You can choose any of the sparrow designs of your choice.