How Airbrush Tattoos Work?



Summary:  Airbrush tattoos have several uses today. They are used as airbrush tans in salons, for makeup application, and fingernail art. Different kinds of inks and paints are used with them.


Temporary airbrush tattoos have been around since 1998. They are widely used in advertising, entertainment and marketing industries. Today, airbrush tattoos closely resemble the real tattoos due to the constant development and research of the airbrush inks and equipment. Innovation, appearance and creativity offer you a detailed body art piece which seems like an actual tattoo. Hence, several people will not be able to make out the difference between airbrush tattoo and permanent tattoo. Airbrush tattoos are not injected in your skin like the permanent tattoos. They are applied over the surface of your skin. The tattoos are done using paint over your skin. They will not cause any damage to your skin.


A Look at Airbrush Tattoos


The airbrush tattoos are unlike dyes such as henna tattoos. They are neither ink such as the ball point pen art. Neither are they glued like the glitter tattoos. Airbrush tattoos are painted using a special kind of air gun. Various colors are applied with special precision. Hence, you may quickly wash off or simply retain the body art. The initial step while getting an airbrush tattoo done is to select your stencil tattoo design pattern. A professional airbrush artist will already have created many stencil designs for you to select from. However, you can also create your own design. Once you finalize your design, you will be asked to choose the colors by the artist.


Certain artists will limit the total number of colors utilized in a design, whereas others can be more liberal. The next stage is to decide where you wish to place your design. After all these aspects have been decided, the artist will begin his work of creating a beautiful airbrush tattoo for you. Airbrush tattoos are made by putting a tattoo stencil over your skin. Then the selected colors are loaded onto a special air gun. It blows pressurized air in short bursts whenever its trigger is compressed. The airbrush tattoo artist puts the customer selected colors into the design.


The airbrush tattoo artist then removes the stencil and fixes any smudges or mistakes. After the design gets completed, the artist applies a thin layer of finishing spray or powder to aid the design to last longer. As tattoo colors and designs are usually pre determined, the tattoo artist may control the delicate aspects of the temporary airbrush tattoo when it is being put on. This is same as the actual permanent tattoo experience. You can make your airbrush art tattoo long lasting by keeping your tattoo as dry as possible by gently patting it dry. You can also apply baby powder each time the tattoo gets wet.