Glitter Tattoos Are Crazy, Fun and Totally Trendy



General description: Glitter tattoos are the recent craze of body art design which is hot and happening among young people and party goers of today. Glitter tattoo kits are available in many studios and off the shelves in cosmetic shops with a whole array of crazy colors and designs.

Glitter tattoos are a big hit on the party circuit amongst youngsters due to its many wacky and attractive shimmering designs. Glitter tattoos are not similar to face painting which will not last for more than a day. These will last a wearer at least a week.

Process of a glitter tattoo.

The tattoo is applied with the use of a stencil made from vinyl. Over the stencil is applied a skin glue used in surgical purposes and is total non allergic. Once the stencil is removed and the glue dries and disappears the tattoo is ready to be designed with an application of material that produces the glitter effect.

Glitter tattoos are not advised on body parts involved in friction with clothes like ankles or upper arms where socks or tight tops could remove the tattoo faster. For those who have drier skin, the tattoo lasts a good deal longer than those with oily skin in which case the tattoo lasts no more than 7 days. Glitter tattoos are not affected by water but after a shower or after swimming patting a tattoo dry is advised over rubbing. Direct soap on the tattoo is also not recommended.

Glitter tattoos are totally safe

The process and ingredients that go in a glitter tattoo are totally safe and hygienic. The glue is a substance free from toxins made from cosmetics produced for usage on skin. However applying tattoos close to your eyes is not advised neither should a tattoo be applied where skin is bruised or broken. The best part about glitter tattoos are the fun that goes into its creation. Once the glue dries either the studio hand or you could apply glitter of different colors on the tattoo using a brush meant for cosmetics. The glitter should be patted down with a larger brush.

Glitter tattoo kits are available in hundreds of different designs such as skulls, animals, flowers, rainbows, stars and so many more. Glitter applied on a tattoo remains fixed without falling off and there is no problem on anyone touching a glitter tattoo directly. There are advanced versions of Glitter tattoos like UV and mica tattoos. Mica powders are applied instead of glitter and lasts much longer than ordinary glitter. UV tattoos are great fun as they are applied with neon colors that glow in the dark when used with back lights. Simply great for any party.