Tattoo Aftercare around the World



General description: Tattoo aftercare is the healing process after having as tattoo. Around the world there are different remedies and beliefs to facilitate faster healing and prevent infection.

Tattoo artists and tattoo studios exist in every corner of the world.  The sophistication and hygiene of a good tattoo studio can impress most customers and then again we have those tribes living in various forests who still practice tattooing as part of the religious and social culture. These use nothing but sharp wooden reeds and quills for inking. There is nothing much to be said about the aftercare regarding these places except for the local concoctions of herbal and natural applications which surprisingly may work in certain cases.

There is no fixed theory or universal method for tattoo aftercare. The knowledge of the process is left up to the tattoo artist who will advise according to his experience and knowledge of skin infections and medication. This is why for us city folk, getting inked by a professional with some knowledge in medication procedures regarding infections and skin related problems is very much advised.

In most parts of the modern world tattoo artists recommend cleansing of the area with mild disinfectant at least thrice a day. Application of lotions having medicated properties and like aquaphor and bepanthen are applied for several days till the tattoo has healed. Constant moisturisation is recommended throughout the healing process. Larger tattoos which produce swelling and pain are treated with medication such as ibuprofen.

Whereas some professionals advise no contact with water for 24 hours. Others will recommend washing the tattoo with mild soap and luke warm water so that the area remains clean. Most tattoo artists will also advise that any application of ointments should be done by applying just thin layer over the area without rubbing it in.

Constant application of skin lotions facilitate faster healing

Nowadays you also get specialized products related to tattoo aftercare available in most professional studios. Aloevera is one such natural lotion that is highly recommended the world over for tattoo aftercare. It is well known as a skin hydrating and moisturizing agent. People living in green areas also have the advantage of using the product in its natural form. Crushing aloe leaves into a paste and applying on the infected tattoo area can work wonders for faster healing.

Some tattoo artists advise applying Vaseline while taking a shower to prevent water from getting into the tattoo. Recommend lotions accepted around the world are Vaseline intensive care, Lubriderm, lanolin, aloevera and even cocoa butter. Some may advise keeping the tattoo as dry as possible although this goes against the tenets of skin healing. Medical science proves that constant moisturizing of a skin wound prevents too much dry scabbing and faster healing. For tattoos this results in less ink loss.