Tattoos As A Form of Self Expression


A tattoo is a work of art that usually represents a trait of a person or a personality itself. They are a choice carefully made by a person to express whatever he or she is feeling at the moment or a symbol which represents himself or herself. It is usually planned though sometimes some people get a tattoo after a life-changing experience, they use it as a symbol or a reminder of that event. On other ocassions, some decide to get inked based on spur of the moment whims but they still justify those whims as a part of their characters. Whatever the reason behind the designs of tattoos, a common theme of beauty and aesthetic is always present. People never choose to get ugly tattoos intentionally.

What is self expression

Self expression is the assertion of one’s personality, feelings, and or behavior usually through the different forms of art or through speech. It is considered as vital to one’s survival although some theory posits it contrasts with some of the survival values. The values of self expression, influenced by modernization, has been associated with a cluster of values that includes tolerance of society, satisfaction of life, public expression and an aspiration to liberty. Notice that the practice of self expression also aims to produce beauty and aesthetic, just like the concept of tattooing.

Through the years, the emergence of the concept of self expression brought about cultural change. Modern times help shape a person’s judgment and choice. The expression of one’s self has an aim to reach the goal of individuality. Ironically, trying to achieve individuality has produced collectivism. Interestingly, the concept of aiming to represent or symbolize beauty still haven’t changed during the years.

Popularization of tattoos as self expression

Collectivism or the interdependence of an individual in a society brought about the popularity of having tattoos. In our time, the popularity of celebrities that have tattoos spawned the concept of tattoo as a self expression culture. More and more people are now inspired to get a design that would represent themselves. The connotation of tattoos as a symbol for flighty sailors  and prison inmates is slowly being replaced by tattoos as an art form and symbol of beauty and individualism. Now, the demographics of people getting a tattoo is becoming larger and younger. This maybe brought about by the younger generation of celebrities that are also tattoo-sporting.


The Origin of Tattooing


Summary: Tattooing is a form of art originating from Neolithic times and it has been considered as a Eurasian practice ever since. Evidence of this art form can be seen in the discoveries of Mummies from the Alps, Egypt and from the Ukok Plateau. The spread of the concept of tattoos was later on popularized by sailors who traveled and met the Polynesian and Amerindian tribes.


Tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “tatau”; it originally dates back to the 18th century and was later changed to “tattoo” to conform to the English phonology. The word was spread by sailors who traveled the world particularly in Europe, reintroducing the concept of tattooing again.


History of Tattoos

It is said reintroducing because the art of tattooing has its origin since Neolithic times, it has been a practice in the Eurasian region ever since. The discovery of Mummies, dating from 5th to 4th millennium BC, Otzi the Iceman from Otz Valley located in the Alps was found with a total of 57 tattoos with the design of simple carbon dots and lines located on his lower spine and behind his left knee and also on his right ankle. The tattoos are said to be a form of healing for they resemble the art of acupuncture. Another discovery was that of the Mummy of Amunet from the ancient Egypt and of the Mummies of Pazyryk on the Ukok Plateau which dates back to the end of the 2nd millennium.


Julius Caesar has an account of tattooing on his Book V of his Gallic Wars which dates back to 54 BC. He describes the designs of the tattoos from the Pre-Christian Germanic and Celtic and also of those in other central and Northern European tribes to be famously tattooed or in other words “scarified” with war-inspired word designs which are darkened and has the colors of dark blue possibly copper and black.


Other cultures that feature the concept of tattooing have their own traditions. They range from rubbing cuts, and other wounds with ashes, to a more painful practice such as hand-pricking the skin to insert different colored dyes.


The concept of modern tattooing in the Western world dates back to 16th to 18th century. The art of tattooing was spread due to the maritime expeditions during this time. The contact between the Western explorers and the Amerindian tribes and Polynesians brought about the promotion of tattoos. The most popularized practice that time was that of the Polynesians, who took the Samoan word tatau to describe the actual tattoo. The wide traveling of sailors who practiced the art of tattooing became a mainstream thing in Europe and eventually in North America. Tattooing became a great demand in port cities all over the world especially by the American and European sailors, the practice of the Polynesian and then later on Japanese tattooing became popular to amateur tattoo artists.


Tattoo artists need to take advantage of the internet for worldwide exposure and recognition


General description: Tattooing has evolved from ritualistic symbols to an expression of art among the youth of today. Tattooing has become a worldwide industry with tattoo artists much in demand.

Tattoo artists around the world have been making their mark with a variety of different techniques. Sophisticated and advanced equipment has made tattoo parlors popular even among the richer class as the demand for complex tattooing is on the rise. Tattoo artists have an opportunity to use this increasing demand as a plank to boost their popularity and recognition worldwide.

Three steps towards instant recognition for a tattoo artist.

Recognition is of utmost importance for any tattoo artist. The best way to gain recognition is to make use of 3 important factors. 1 talent 2.Professionalism 3. Media and internet social networks.

Talent. To be a good tattoo artist you need to have talent. You must have what it takes to be a good artist. Learning the skills of the job as well as keeping abreast of the latest techniques of tattooing is imperative for survival in this competitive industry. Explore and innovate new designs by incorporating all various art forms that influence tattoo art.

Professionalism. Being a good tattoo artist is not enough. You have to incorporate a sense e of professionalism in your business. People are extremely health and value conscious today so nobody wants to see a shady nondescript tattoo parlor. A modernized hygienic and sophisticated set up with the best of equipment is the answer to attract business before you can establish a fixed clientele.

Media and internet. You need to showcase your talent to a wider audience in order to gain business and gain a reputation. The best platform for reaching out to the youth, who incidentally make up more than 75% of target audience, is through the many social networking sites. A tattoo artist having his own website or a page on a social network would work wonders for gaining recognition. A well laid out website and live work samples on a social page will definitely generate curiosity and then convert into business.

Enter design contests on the web

The internet is full of different forums and websites attributed to tattooing. Entering contests organized by these forums would give any tattoo artist the opportunity to showcase his skill. Winning a contest is a definite highlight of one’s creativity. Winning designs are exhibited as art on these sites resulting in people gaining easy access to the artist concerned. Exploiting the mechanics of the web is the best and perhaps only cost effective way to reach out to a worldwide audience.

Tattoo For Beginners



The potential for high earnings and the popularity & widespread acceptance of tattoos, has made many an ambitious person to aspire to become a tattoo artist. But a lot of people just buy a kit and practise on their friends, which is not at all right or advisable. It is important that the aspirants realize that there is a method to this wonderful art.

The Art of Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Learning to tattoo is a tedious process. To practice in this wonderful & beautiful world of art, it is imperative that you follow the right steps to become a great and popular tattoo artist. You can learn the basics through various tattooing guides, follow the tattooing videos, become familiar with the equipments, its suppliers, the ink etc.

Firstly you should have the raw talent, know to draw and colour and then you need to hone your raw skills to become a talented artist. Attend fine art classes, work with co-artists, learn the techniques and then practise as much as you possibly can!

Once you are good on paper, then build a portfolio or file with samples of your art and drawings. The next step would be to work with a senior experienced tattoo artist.  If you are lucky you may get a stipend, and thereby earn and learn too. You need to find a master from whom you can really learn and grow as an artist.

As an assistant or apprentice, you will also learn to safely clean your equipments, to operate a tattoo machine, scale the power supply, and protect your clients and yourself from diseases and above all – how to correctly apply a tattoo. This may take months of continuous and rigorous practise to learn and perfect.

In the meanwhile you improve your drawing skills and get tattooed yourself to see how other artists work and gauge the competition in your chosen field. Generally your master will decide when you are ready to branch out on your own.  If he is not forthcoming then if you feel you have gained enough confidence  and have no binding contract, then you can take off and venture out alone to be your own master.

Tattoo designs for practise on flexible material are available, which fit comfortably on any part of the body and can be used on both sides. You can also read up on the traditional designs followed by great and ancient tattoo artists. Traditional tattoo designs require you to follow a certain set of rules. The latest are neo traditional designs made by combining the traditional tattoo with modern tools and equipment.

Like all other professions you can never know it all. Hence updating your techniques and knowledge will enhance your staying power in this competitive world. Do not be complacent or be content with mediocrity.  Excellence is the name of the game in this field of art too.

What does Sparrow Tattoo Mean?


Summary: There are several sparrow tattoo designs available for you to choose from. The sparrows are more symbolic than just being a small bird. They symbolize various aspects such as freedom, the sea, and home.


The sparrow has been described as a sharp bird. It keeps on searching for food, building nests and feeding offspring. Hence, the sparrow tattoo conveys the point that it will not be beneficial to be indolent as you simply cannot live a life of bliss and contentment. By and large the sparrow tattoo is associated with the feelings of independence or liberty, love, loyalty and success. Certain religious people even say that the sparrow symbolizes the kindness of God for the smallest of small living beings. The sparrow designs grew popular amongst the sailors during the early days of navigation.


Interpretation of Sparrow Tattoos

Life at the high sea was extremely dangerous. Several sailors who went sailing would never return. These little birds would usually visit the sailors and their ships before these seamen could see land. Hence, people thought that sparrows brought good luck to sailors. Thus, the sparrow tattoo was worn as an amulet or lucky charm. It became one of the many reasons for an eventful return of seafarers to their families or loved ones. In addition, sailors also wear the sparrow tattoo to display a mark of respect towards this tiny bird. Sparrows are frequently illustrated along with stars. They have become a sign of following one’s fate.


Yet another reason for people to get sparrow tattoo is because it signifies freedom. When a person passes through a difficult phase in his life, he yearns for some way out. After he comes out of this tough phase, he is able to appreciate the value of freedom better. Hence, he gets a sparrow tattoo to keep reminding himself of how truly important freedom is. The sparrow tattoo is also associated with indifference to rules. It denotes will power, affirmation and optimism. This means that a person cannot be confined by law of society. The sparrow tattoos are usually designed with roses or hearts to give the personal touch.


The sparrow tattoo can also be modified like ordinary tattoos that are sported by youngsters these days. One of the simplest and common sparrow designs is a sparrow tattoo imprinted on a person’s arm. The tattoo can also look appealing on the legs or arms of ladies. One more famous sparrow motif is that associated with nautical star which symbolizes possession and love. This implies that people are continuously on the lookout for perpetuity and love. The sparrow tattoo also symbolizes romance. Hence, you can see couples in love sporting this tattoo all the time. You can choose any of the sparrow designs of your choice.


How Airbrush Tattoos Work?


Summary:  Airbrush tattoos have several uses today. They are used as airbrush tans in salons, for makeup application, and fingernail art. Different kinds of inks and paints are used with them.


Temporary airbrush tattoos have been around since 1998. They are widely used in advertising, entertainment and marketing industries. Today, airbrush tattoos closely resemble the real tattoos due to the constant development and research of the airbrush inks and equipment. Innovation, appearance and creativity offer you a detailed body art piece which seems like an actual tattoo. Hence, several people will not be able to make out the difference between airbrush tattoo and permanent tattoo. Airbrush tattoos are not injected in your skin like the permanent tattoos. They are applied over the surface of your skin. The tattoos are done using paint over your skin. They will not cause any damage to your skin.


A Look at Airbrush Tattoos


The airbrush tattoos are unlike dyes such as henna tattoos. They are neither ink such as the ball point pen art. Neither are they glued like the glitter tattoos. Airbrush tattoos are painted using a special kind of air gun. Various colors are applied with special precision. Hence, you may quickly wash off or simply retain the body art. The initial step while getting an airbrush tattoo done is to select your stencil tattoo design pattern. A professional airbrush artist will already have created many stencil designs for you to select from. However, you can also create your own design. Once you finalize your design, you will be asked to choose the colors by the artist.


Certain artists will limit the total number of colors utilized in a design, whereas others can be more liberal. The next stage is to decide where you wish to place your design. After all these aspects have been decided, the artist will begin his work of creating a beautiful airbrush tattoo for you. Airbrush tattoos are made by putting a tattoo stencil over your skin. Then the selected colors are loaded onto a special air gun. It blows pressurized air in short bursts whenever its trigger is compressed. The airbrush tattoo artist puts the customer selected colors into the design.


The airbrush tattoo artist then removes the stencil and fixes any smudges or mistakes. After the design gets completed, the artist applies a thin layer of finishing spray or powder to aid the design to last longer. As tattoo colors and designs are usually pre determined, the tattoo artist may control the delicate aspects of the temporary airbrush tattoo when it is being put on. This is same as the actual permanent tattoo experience. You can make your airbrush art tattoo long lasting by keeping your tattoo as dry as possible by gently patting it dry. You can also apply baby powder each time the tattoo gets wet.



All about the History of Tattoos

tattoo history pic of tribal man

Summary:  A tattoo has always been regarded as an expression of art. During ancient times the tattoo was an essential part of all rituals of passage amongst several tribes all over the world.


The art of tattooing has been part of our society since times immemorial. It can be seen among native and ancient cultures across the world. The tattoos were used to identify the law breakers in East Asian cultures. Similarly, the Romans tattooed criminals, slaves and crooks. Ancient cultures also used tattoo designs for developing group authentication. Such types of tags were helpful during the course of any conflict for differentiating enemies from friends. Many of the tattoo designs also acted as a reassurance that one could be reunited with friends and family in heaven, after one had expired. Also, traditionally the tattoo designs were supposed to bring luck to the user.


Meaning of Tattoo in Various Civilizations

The Hawaiian culture is famous for its tattoos. It does the traditional tattooing art not only for the purpose of ornamentation and individualism but even for safeguarding one’s spirit, well-being and health. The Polynesians consider tattooing as spiritual. Polynesian tattoos are regarded as being the most complex and detailed. Sometimes they cover their entire body with tattoos. The tattoos are considered to be sacred by Polynesians and this craft is passed on from the father to his son. The Maori tribes of New Zealand also use the tattoos to depict tribal affiliation, ancestry and societal status. They are known for their full face tattooing. The Maori people tattoo by chiseling and carving the skin.


There is no doubt that tattoos have also played a vital role in ancient traditions and rituals. However, the motivation to have a tattoo may also stem from several reasons. The society’s elite like the royals and czars had tattoos for distinguishing themselves from the common folks. Before the seventies, the American society thought that the tattoos symbolized bikers, sailors, carnival ride operator, freaks, and so on. However, after the seventies, the tattoo art took on new significance as the American society underwent several cultural changes. Today there are different artists using different inks, based on their method of tattooing as well as the preference of their clients.


Tattooing is also called ancient ink as it is performed using various types of inks. Tattoos that have been made by making use of good quality tattoo ink are not just long lasting, but they also provide better definition. Inks are classified in two main categories. The first variety uses an analogous base and mixes diverse pigments, providing easy merging with skin. The second variety consists of diverse bases. More and more people are resorting to tattooing for sentimental reasons. It may be to express or symbolize, to memorize some event, time or transition in their lives, or as an expression of romance.



Getting a Tattoo Design


Summary: A tattoo is a mark of permanence and in itself a form of art. The pain you will endure while getting it is a one of kind experience. If you are planning to get one, make sure that the tattoo artist you wish to commission passes the safety standards needed to operate. Your design of choice really depends on you, so plan it carefully.


If you wish to get a tattoo on any part of your body, you should always remember the fact that it will be a permanent mark on your body. It will represent who you are whether you like it or not. So, the best way to ensure that you do not live the rest of your life in regret is by planning your tattoo design carefully beforehand. This will also involve the tattoo artist you commission to get your tattoo done.


If your tattoo planning somehow goes wrong, you can always choose the option of laser removal. It is pretty pricey and it could cost more than you paid for your tattoo idea. So when planning your tattoo, be cautious and think about it carefully.


How to Get Your Tattoo Design

You should take your time when coming up with a cool tattoo design of your choice. The design can come from almost anything that inspires you. Your childhood, present situations or your dreams of your future can inspire your tattoo design. You can also be inspired by nature, art or poetry. Some people even get their tattoo inspirations from the names of their loved ones, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their deceased relatives such as their mothers, fathers or grandparents. Some can even get a portrait of their loved ones done. People who do this value memory and sentimentality; that is why they want to preserve the memory of their loved ones. Some people occasionally get a word tattooed to them, these are often words of inspiration that will encourage them and remind them to be always inspired and to stay strong. Some people, the less serious ones may get tattoos for the sake of posterity. They can be enamored by a very intrinsic design that somehow pulled their heartstrings to get it tattooed on their body. Whatever design you may choose, always ask yourself if you can live it with for the rest of your life. Also, do a little research when commissioning a tattoo artist. Check if the tattoo parlors follow the various health standards needed for them to operate. An important note to remember, you can catch a serious infection from a dirty needle.


Of course, having yourself inked is another form of art. The pain that you will endure for the sake of aesthetics and originality is in itself is art. Prepare yourself for the pain.


Know this to find attractive zodiac tattoo designs


Tattoos have become very popular among the people these days. There are few youngsters who are getting their whole body tattooed. The tattoo artists are so creative and good at their work that they can transform any design into a tattoo. The people can also suggest their own designs and the artist will be able to produce an impression of the same easily in the body of the person. There are various types of tattoos available all over the world. The people choose the design depending on their traditional and religious background. One of the popular designs of tattoos are those that comprise of the zodiac signs. These tattoos are for those people who have a strong belief in astrology. A lot can be known about the person’s goals, personality and interests by looking at the zodiac tattoos. They are useful for both who believe and disbelieve in astrology. The styles and designs are of various types and can be used in a wise manner to turn astrology into an art.



The zodiac tattoo designs are of various types. But the most popular ones among the people are the normal and the Chinese zodiac designs. The designs that belong to the normal category are chosen based on the month and date on which a person is born. On the other hand the Chinese zodiac symbols are chosen depending on the year in which the person is born. The people can easily search their Chinese zodiac sign in Google. The people can choose their own style of zodiac tattoo. But they want it to look different from the others they should always go with unique designs. This can be found only if the Chinese designs are considered. One thing that should never be forgotten is that the character set in Chinese is unique and rich. The same also applies to the zodiac symbols as well.


The person who has decided to get a zodiac tattoo should try his best to find an unique design for him. There are many websites that display great zodiac designs. To find the best ones the people can visit the websites that provides reviews about tattoos. The reviews about the designs that are found here are impartial in nature. The person can easily come to know about the comparisons of quality and prices. This helps them in getting the best deal. The interface of such websites is very simple so that the people does not face difficulty in finding a suitable design.

How to get into the profession of tattooing


Tattoos have become very popular among the mass these days. There are various reasons why the people are tattooing their body. The young boys and girls are having them as a part of their style statement. There are also people who are getting the names of their loved ones tattooed in their body to display the depth of love for each other. Thus if someone is good in drawing and willing to earn a good amount of money can take up the profession of a tattoo designer. But it is very necessary to learn the art before entering the market. It will surely turn out to be a great source of income if learned in the correct way.


Most of the people that the art of tattooing is not that tough, but this is not the reality. There are many people who start by buying a tattoo kit. They even practice on others in order to become a master of the occupation. One thing that should never forgotten that tattoo needles can be really dangerous. They can easily transmit various kinds of diseases from one person to another. The most important thing that is needed to become successful in the art of tattoo is practice and inherent talent. The skills can be easily developed by attending training sessions. The techniques of tattooing can be also learned by reading books and watching videos over the internet. Working with a tattoo artist can also provide useful hands on training to the newcomer.


It will be not a be very good idea to start the job of making tattoos immediately. The person must become expert in drawing tattoos on paper before he tries them on human beings. Once he has been able to build a good portfolio he can seek apprenticeship with a popular tattoo artist. In most of the cases the apprenticeship is free. But there are many tattoo studios that charge a huge sum of money during the apprentice period. So it is always a good idea to take some other job during the period so that the person can sustain.


During the apprenticeship the person come to know various things that cannot be learned by reading books. The most important things are cleaning the equipments and operating the tattoo machine. He will also learn the correct way of adjusting the power supply. This will help him in safeguarding the client and ensure that no accidents occur. Once the person has gained some reputation the common people will wait for months to get tattooed by him.

Glitter Tattoos Are Crazy, Fun and Totally Trendy


General description: Glitter tattoos are the recent craze of body art design which is hot and happening among young people and party goers of today. Glitter tattoo kits are available in many studios and off the shelves in cosmetic shops with a whole array of crazy colors and designs.

Glitter tattoos are a big hit on the party circuit amongst youngsters due to its many wacky and attractive shimmering designs. Glitter tattoos are not similar to face painting which will not last for more than a day. These will last a wearer at least a week.

Process of a glitter tattoo.

The tattoo is applied with the use of a stencil made from vinyl. Over the stencil is applied a skin glue used in surgical purposes and is total non allergic. Once the stencil is removed and the glue dries and disappears the tattoo is ready to be designed with an application of material that produces the glitter effect.

Glitter tattoos are not advised on body parts involved in friction with clothes like ankles or upper arms where socks or tight tops could remove the tattoo faster. For those who have drier skin, the tattoo lasts a good deal longer than those with oily skin in which case the tattoo lasts no more than 7 days. Glitter tattoos are not affected by water but after a shower or after swimming patting a tattoo dry is advised over rubbing. Direct soap on the tattoo is also not recommended.

Glitter tattoos are totally safe

The process and ingredients that go in a glitter tattoo are totally safe and hygienic. The glue is a substance free from toxins made from cosmetics produced for usage on skin. However applying tattoos close to your eyes is not advised neither should a tattoo be applied where skin is bruised or broken. The best part about glitter tattoos are the fun that goes into its creation. Once the glue dries either the studio hand or you could apply glitter of different colors on the tattoo using a brush meant for cosmetics. The glitter should be patted down with a larger brush.

Glitter tattoo kits are available in hundreds of different designs such as skulls, animals, flowers, rainbows, stars and so many more. Glitter applied on a tattoo remains fixed without falling off and there is no problem on anyone touching a glitter tattoo directly. There are advanced versions of Glitter tattoos like UV and mica tattoos. Mica powders are applied instead of glitter and lasts much longer than ordinary glitter. UV tattoos are great fun as they are applied with neon colors that glow in the dark when used with back lights. Simply great for any party.


Tattoo Aftercare around the World


General description: Tattoo aftercare is the healing process after having as tattoo. Around the world there are different remedies and beliefs to facilitate faster healing and prevent infection.

Tattoo artists and tattoo studios exist in every corner of the world.  The sophistication and hygiene of a good tattoo studio can impress most customers and then again we have those tribes living in various forests who still practice tattooing as part of the religious and social culture. These use nothing but sharp wooden reeds and quills for inking. There is nothing much to be said about the aftercare regarding these places except for the local concoctions of herbal and natural applications which surprisingly may work in certain cases.

There is no fixed theory or universal method for tattoo aftercare. The knowledge of the process is left up to the tattoo artist who will advise according to his experience and knowledge of skin infections and medication. This is why for us city folk, getting inked by a professional with some knowledge in medication procedures regarding infections and skin related problems is very much advised.

In most parts of the modern world tattoo artists recommend cleansing of the area with mild disinfectant at least thrice a day. Application of lotions having medicated properties and like aquaphor and bepanthen are applied for several days till the tattoo has healed. Constant moisturisation is recommended throughout the healing process. Larger tattoos which produce swelling and pain are treated with medication such as ibuprofen.

Whereas some professionals advise no contact with water for 24 hours. Others will recommend washing the tattoo with mild soap and luke warm water so that the area remains clean. Most tattoo artists will also advise that any application of ointments should be done by applying just thin layer over the area without rubbing it in.

Constant application of skin lotions facilitate faster healing

Nowadays you also get specialized products related to tattoo aftercare available in most professional studios. Aloevera is one such natural lotion that is highly recommended the world over for tattoo aftercare. It is well known as a skin hydrating and moisturizing agent. People living in green areas also have the advantage of using the product in its natural form. Crushing aloe leaves into a paste and applying on the infected tattoo area can work wonders for faster healing.

Some tattoo artists advise applying Vaseline while taking a shower to prevent water from getting into the tattoo. Recommend lotions accepted around the world are Vaseline intensive care, Lubriderm, lanolin, aloevera and even cocoa butter. Some may advise keeping the tattoo as dry as possible although this goes against the tenets of skin healing. Medical science proves that constant moisturizing of a skin wound prevents too much dry scabbing and faster healing. For tattoos this results in less ink loss.

Tattooing down the ages


General description:   tattoos are a craze around the world. Tattoo parlors are present in every part of the world being a lucrative business. The process today is totally sophisticated with highly advanced instruments which in the right hands can make tattooing an expression of art.

The word itself is rooted in the Tahitian language. The word ‘tatau’ literally means ‘marking’.  According to scientific and historical evidence tattooing originated during 3500 BC in Egypt. Figurines in various tombs of that period were found with tattoos on parts of their body.  The most famous proof of tattooing was the ice man, discovered within the border area of Italy and Austria. Dating as far back as 5200, the ice man was found with a remarkable 58 different tattoos.

Ice man’s discovery produced a lot of information due to the placement of the tattoos on pressure points. It proved that tattoos were initially made on the body as a form of medication. Even today radiation therapy requires a pattern to be tattooed on the skin as a mark for accuracy. Throughout the ages of history, tattooing was also used as a spiritual art form. Signs and symbols tattooed on the body represented different meanings for health, well being and also for protection against evil. The popular tribal tattoos that are sported by many men in the world today had their origins in spiritual practices. Tribes around the world still believe in this aspect of tattoos representing their spirituality and culture.

Tattoos were mainly used for religious practices

One might have seen the heads of Buddhist monks bearing a distinct dotted mark. These have been made by puncturing the skin using dyes and venom of snakes. The mark is believed to be a protective sign against demons. In Thailand the tattoo is a symbol of divine power and the same concept is present within certain tribes believing that animal tattoos will fill them with powers of the animal represented.

Till recent centuries, Christian soldiers even tattooed a Christian symbol on the hands to be assured of a burial according to Christian rites. Although the bible does not condone the use of tattoos being a kind of defilement on the temple which is the body, still people are wearing more and more Christian related tattoos to reflect their Christian beliefs.

In sharp contrast to tattoos being symbols related to worship, Japan on the other hand used tattooing as punishment. As records have it in 720 Ad, a man accused of sedition against the emperor was sentenced to be tattooed all over his body. The tattooed person was treated as an outcast by both family and society. Tattooing has a diverse history of meaning around the world. Where in some countries it was used on criminals, however in most parts of the world to be a form of medication as well as religious practice. In Egypt especially tattooing was done to keep away evil.

A crown tattoo on the arm with several sapphires on it.

A crown tattoo on the arm with several sapphires on it.

dreamcatcher tattoo, must add color though ätowierung

dreamcatcher tattoo, must add color though ätowierung

Way cool!

Way cool!

small cat tattoo so so cute!! Leslie you should get this for chase.

small cat tattoo so so cute!! Leslie you should get this for chase.

Pretty Little Tattoos

Pretty Little Tattoos

Phil Garcia – California

Phil Garcia – California

Leopard Print Cheetah Animal Girly Tattoo Girl I’d get this except on a smaller scale and in rainbow print

Leopard Print Cheetah Animal Girly Tattoo Girl I’d get this except on a smaller scale and in rainbow print

Wow…i love the placement and font

Wow…i love the placement and font

Hot Tattoo Men Always Make Something Wet yummy yummy yummy i would let him do anything to me

Hot Tattoo Men Always Make Something Wet yummy yummy yummy i would let him do anything to me

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